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Shush Shoes – Shoe Review: Slush, Marcia and MaryCarol March 4, 2012

Welcome back readers! In this post I am going to tell you more about Slush, Marcia and MaryCarol. Just a few of the ladies in our incredible Anniversary Collection.


Shush Shoes - Slush

Slush is a great platform heel with interesting colors. She can be worn for casual or fancy occasions and is versatile working well with khakis, jeans and dresses. Slush is designed with a great sturdy heel and thick supportive platform sole. She is classy and very minimalistic, nice shoe for busy outfits.

Things to watch out for: Slush may not be the shoe for everyone, with her height and her straps, klutzy people be warned!


Shush Shoes - Marcia

Marcia is a great summer sandal! This dusty rose flat had longevity for wear as she will fit in great with spring, summer and early autumn colors. Her sole is thicker adding a little padding to each step. Marcia frills are made of a lightweight denim material and is feminine and flirty.

Things to watch out for: Because Marcia is such an open shoe, be prepared to occasionally have rocks or sand under your foot, like with flip-flops.


MaryCarol - Black
MaryCarol - Grey

MaryCarol is a fancy little flat coming in Black and Gold as well as Grey and Silver. One thing I must point out about this shoe is the great padding in the sole. Many flats tend to be just that, flat, with little cushioning, but not MaryCarol. This shoe is great for many ages and is a piece that will add some pop to many outfits.

Things to watch out for: While MaryCarol’s little bow is very cute, it is also in a perfect spot to get snagged on things.

Thanks for joining me again as I go through some of the shoes in the Shush Shoes Anniversary Collection. If you would like to learn more about hosting a party or becoming a Rep please feel free to get in touch with me. You can reach me by visiting my Rep page page on Facebook (please hit Like during your visit) or follow me on Twitter! Also as a reminder, Shush Shoes will be hosting its Anniversary Party and Fundraiser to benefit Walk A Mile In Her Shoes on Wednesday, March 21st. You can find out more information on our event page!

Till next time…

Shush Shoes is a premier at home party company delivering the hottest styles in women’s shoes. We are all about fun, fashion, and shoes. If you are looking for a unique activity to do with your girls…host a shoe party! Sure to be a great memorable time!


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